November 3, 2019

Turning Point

Passage: John 3:16
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Turning point is a time when something happens that causes a shift or irrevocable change in direction. It is a time when a decisive change in a situation occurs especially with beneficial result e.g marriage, childbearing

The word of God is what will give us a turnaround when we obey God because change will come. You can grow up loving God and not be born again. Being in church is not the same as coming to Christ. Your challenges will bring about a turning point – Luke 4:1-14

The fasting period is a time to turn things around and we should fast according to God’s grace given unto us. Fasting does wonders combined with prayers as it changes your soul- your soul becomes quiet and alert (chastens your soul). Fasting loses the bound of wickedness. Fasting will empower you.

Areas to improve during this fast:

  1. Seek the Lord for the restoration of our personal consecration. Get back on track with praying, worship and sincere devotion.
  2. Time to petition the soul of our loved ones – Romans 1:16-17
  3. Time to forgive – forgive others and ourselves. Forgive yourself, if not satan will take advantage of you.

Change is coming if we are ready to embrace it.

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