December 1, 2019

Remember the Lord

Passage: Ecclesiastes 12:1-2, Romans 8:6, John 15:5, Romans 12:2
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To remember is to keep in mind or remain aware of something.

Every time God remembered an individual(Noah, Sarah) in the bible, there was an action followed by that remembrance. The same should apply to us.

Here are a few questions:

What does it mean to remember God?

  • Your ability to take action when reminded about studying the word of God(The Bible).

Why is it important to remember God?

  • We can do nothing without God, outside of God, all we do does not matter.

Why should I remember God in my youth?

  • It's easier to mold the mind of one who is young than one who is already set in their ways. Being in your youth is the time God can mold your mind into what he wants you to be.

How do you remember the lord?

  • Change the way you think by staying in the word of God.
  • Ask for help from the spirit of God.

To remember the Lord, we have to stay in his word and ask for his help to continuously desire him.

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