October 27, 2019

No Room In Heaven For Wasters

Passage: Matthew 25:14-30, Revelations 5:10, Romans 8:19, Romans 8:26
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The Parable of the Talent (Matthew 25:14-30) is about the kingdom of God. The master gave talents to his servants and then said go and make do with what has been given to you. The talent given unto to us by God should be beyond our 9-5 job. It is important to ask yourself “What is my purpose here on earth?” So many lives are attached to our talents (gifts), it is meant for us to use in propagating the kingdom of God. Our talent is the fuel that takes us to our destination.

The journey to the Kingdom of God is not about the destination but the process. God has expectations from us and He is awaiting result not just potentials. Our talent is not for show or for heaven. The kingdom of God is about God, not you. God has deposited talents in us that are needed to fulfil his glory. We are kings in specific domains and till we manifest in that area there will be no progression. So it is important that we manifest our talent.

We need to evaluate what type of servant we are in the parable of the talent. Are we the servant that was given 5 talents, 2 talents or 1 Talent?


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