January 19, 2020

Gods Secret Place

Passage: Psalms 91, Isaiah 41:10-14
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In God's secret place :

1. You will be protected
2. You shall be delivered from the powers of darkness
3. He has bodyguards for you - Angels
4. You will triumph
5. You will remain a special favourite of God

God loves and cares for us that he protects us from impending dangers. All who live a life of communion with God are always kept under his protection.
When you are alone with God, he covers and shields you.

Why do we need the anointing?
1. Protection. Exodus 12:13
2. Boldness. Judges 14:5-6
3. Becoming aggressive. 1 Samuel 17
4. Dominion. Luke 10:19
5. To become a terror to the enemy. Psalms 89:20-24
6. Healing - Deliverance from bad habits. James 5:14
7. The Holy Ghost. Acts 10:38.


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